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Liigutused on lihtsad ja rahulikud - harjutuste tegemisel on oluline jõud, mitte tempo. Treening tugevdab peamiselt alakeha lihaseid. From living longer to getting smarter, maximising performance to practising mindfulness, Dave's followers look to him for his take on the most effective techniques to become healthier and more powerful than most doctors think is possible.

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Vaatamata edastatud infole, kaubal puuduvad igasugused ennetavad, diagnostilised, terapeutilised, rehabilitatsioonilised omadused; toode ei ole ravim, ei sobi kasutamiseks meditsiinilisel eesmärgil ning ei ole meditsiinitoode. Konsulteerige spetsialistiga.

10 Minute Cardio Dance Abs Workout: Burn to the Beat- Keaira LaShae

Now let this multi-functional fat burning body vibration massager help you out! The product is designed with different massager ways and different vibration frequency modes to meet your requirements.

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It paces up burning calories without the need to sports exercises. You can apply it to any part of your body like stomach, waist, hips, legs and arms, to achieve the ideal shaping effect you want.

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Perfect choice for conditioning your body and reducing cellulite. Features Hip Hop Fat Burn Adoption of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture scraping, combined with modern bio far infrared technology, hyperthermia design, which is effective to accelerate fat burning. Reduce fat while keeping your skin more smooth, help you keep in good shape.

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  • For more than a decade, the Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey has shared his unique point of view and expertise to help fans become the best versions of themselves.
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By scraping and massaging your acupuncture points, to ease fatigue and relax your muscle pain caused by intense exercise or rheumatism. Wavy type specializes in acupoint massage, promote blood circulation.

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Smooth for neck massage Please put on the protective cover. Ball type for body massage with adding essential oil Please put on the protective cover.

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Press the button switch. Clockwise - speed from weak to strong.

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Counterclockwise- speed change from strong to weak 2 Start with low speed by the first use, and then gradually increase the speed. Garantii Tagastame teie raha, kui kaupa ei toimetata kohale 70 päeva jooksul pärast ostmist.

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Teil on 2 nädalat tagasimakse taotlemiseks — kuni Toode ei vasta kirjeldusele? Kirjutage meile 30 päeva jooksul pärast paki kättesaamist! Tühistamise korral tagastatakse raha kontole 14 päeva jooksul. Sarnased tooted.