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I guess greatest achievement. First pumpkins have already arrived at the zoo, but a large Pumpkin Party will not take place for another three weeks, on October

Feel really good because this a younger generation like performing something that you don't really see and so just before and I understand that the same time as how is my greatest achievement and I'm thankful for you to have told me and my little sisters of that. You know through what you guys are doing. It's beautiful. What are some challenges for your group and then I'll ask my after this, but what are the challenges we face in alu of because they aren't gonna be challenges, but you know what are some challenges you're facing and how have you been able to overcome them?

Just like you you, said Hawaii. Yeah cuz we we as. Got it like we did. We did go through it but we but before we started our group before we actually came together and started to do my, we said to each other that no matter what you wanna say or you know if we get any or anything happens any negativity that Kiire 24-tunnise kaalulangus get from outsiders or any anyone we're always gonna push through it.

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Koch Yeah. Never let go of mom's vision for the group. I'm always go back to the elders because they're the one who's gonna grab us cuz they've been there. They've done that. I've experienced it and I think that if your heart is right for our people, then you're safe you don't we can't please everyone.

Oh my gosh like you know, we always talk about our friends to. The whole country as they win, they love them, but they lose. Oh man we have the hottest people to please for the saying that they do not give up what you're doing and love in this because the sammons.

Yo Yo go.

But if you look at the other angles, they're gonna do things to try and challenge us or it's gonna try to challenge. Macka also man what are some Kaalulangus Journey Money Board that you guys face is when you're out. Sharing the beautiful culture. Maha Myer can you hear us? I JM Kaalulangus I'm thankful for myself.

I got for myself I. So it's like I'm trying to get all the boys together whether it be practice or whether it be a gig. It's very hot. We have opens a lot of people don't know we have up to eight or nine dancers and two or three back up, So we've always got around 11 members that will take, but we can never get that many very rarely do we and and and one gig at one practice.

Some guys will be nice. Guys do shift work, so there's a lot of I guess logistical challenges in trying to prepare for gigs because performing is an easy path for me because that's why I love and enjoyment I love performing. We've got guys so as well as up in Kombucha and the further down South.

And switch so to put a perspective, it's like driving from Oakland to Hamilton or them' more manual physical practices. So like it's just how big President is the logistical side of trying to organize the boys can be a little bit challenging at times and that's the thing the reality because in Auckland, you say it's you to pay me.

What is this? It's alright. Yeah that you guys.

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I think one good folk one for your tama as long as you are more and they have to pay your voice and your LLC will be beautiful, No matter what. Moving along to the girls, Ari Macka one side macka you. Baka you can hear us. This is a salmon podcast, even if I if as long as we have fun, it's not like we're on MTV or or you know or TV one, but I'm gonna ask a question for viewers if they have any questions out of the viewers first, please let us know before I move on to the next question and they will carry on if they have any questions.

We can have a look at a few comments as well from the viewers. Organic and keep our fantastic one -A next generation talents right here. Ladies you're beautiful like your mom. Thank you. Thank you and I love Love. Love Kaalulangus Journey Money Board proud of you guys. Alex Casto Mela Malo Macka shakira's party. Manuel Can I say something? Manuel I love raha Kano Okay. Fogo Pinheiro Aqui ó. Tem que pai Out to the two created a logo, I think it was so let me ask you. Do you like you got a pen and make your own Shiva really what's being used for your Siva?

What did they bring what do they eat? Sorry, the You know what? Now the next question here let's class middle camera ah what's an over nineteen because stop lot of things but what are some places you guys got after this I am so it's before everything Before that happened, we actually we're ready to release our dance classes. We had a whole. We've got everything done and when that happens So we're just waiting for everything to be uplifted the restrictions so we'll be starting our dance classes from ages from six to open and hopefully we'll be in the next month or so we'll keep everyone posted on Instagram or Facebook page Sides with Hani a kaotus rasva sye and just trying to keep ourselves kind of on the ball with the girls and so practicing they learn a few new numbers last night with CBR and also just keeping them in line with all of our dances and also back with mom.

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Yeah, we're very lucky to have our mom with us cuz she's the one that kind of keeps me in mine as well and just. Make sure everything that we do comes from our heart and our intentions are good, everything that we are teaching the girls pretty much everything that we've learned from her Kaalulangus Journey Money Board and also respecting each other's each other each other's as dancers and also speaking think a big thing with us is that we have a strong foundation.

Awesome and I saw that you guys go on the video clip just a couple of days ago. Oh yeah, I was just me and check out his new song called Queen on YouTube and the famous now.

Awesome guys viewers please check out the link on my Facebook page, social media and you'll find out more information and everything you do. It's awesome awesome to just for you. So what's what's going on? Yeah, it was unfortunate cuz we actually had a handful of Giggs lined up right through to August from last August, and I think it happened in March. So we're pretty good at that. Some of the gigs of cancels some of them were postponed and so that's to get back in.

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But if you're not having enough performances in front of the audience, you sort of not biting yourself that we're lacking a little bit of time before you call it. I mean credits to the sisters for doing classes. That's something that we've always spoken about obviously the because of the victim of it's always been doing it over in Melbourne and like you say we don't wanna leave the thigh.

We're not gonna be this young forever and we need to hand over to talk to younger guys. So on that note, you know we're trying to recruit. We're trying to get guys in the younger guys out there who just are being so listeners know of anyone who knows someone that has been God or interested in Sebring, we can obviously.

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So this classes down the line where we can because we really would love to invest our time and so the youth and sort of teach them the art of the seba and obviously teach it properly in regards to what will be learned at a young age. So yeah, if you guys are interested in regards to collabing with your mate, Singers' based in Brisbane or male group or female group possibly an online collette with possibly VT in this.

So it's just a couple of things here in the back and in the pipeline, I guess that's beautiful and that's what we really wanted to push on this podcast as well as bringing us all together, one of the key messages that we're trying to push that is not a competition and I are more are always competing with each other.

You know what man honestly stuff that Cassi you know, let's work together a share of share our tell us. Everything will fall into place, so I can't wait to see all the kids together, but not in the Australia New-zealand. We've got Hawaii.

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  • Tallinn Zoo received three tons of apples today from seven Estonian towns.
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  • Tallinn zoo animals feast on tons of donated apples | News | ERR
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We've got America man. It's gonna be a day where we bring everyone together and to showcase our beautiful culture.

1981 my weight loss journey money board Ms Central USA 1. HW ja üldine

I'm just gonna have a few more viewers before we come to our final question for the nights. It's a mostly Bobby Brown of Slimming motivatsiooni napunaited. Awesome but also represents nice and you know what guys the The beauty of Poly Fett now is that back in our days was still Mccoy Orland girls three schools in the A but nowadays you got Sacred Heart and the Sacred Heart, and it's like that you know even though she got Saint Peter the same Pauls same Pauls Dominique.

You got so many groups out there, but they all. Of all the different schools out there, College dominating for so many years it's also it's also waiting on goal classes. How do I train zero money? I'm good man now, Why should not good dancer He doesn't like just get in contact with the girls for anyone out there that are watching if you wanna dance or you want to learn how to dance, please get a hold of you on my zt kaalulangus. They will welcome you with open arms boys termini if you've tried to dance jump on board get in contact with these guys, It's just a question to Johnny Johnny Johnny.

With the NL, so he's done a few gigs with us so pretty much got the brothers like out to the voice or something you mentioned one of the boys mars' Paula Joe Joe's Orland.

He's yeah. That's right. Shout out to all the boys and much love to those. I'm so proud of what you guys are doing and continue to carry on the You know the legacy of our final question for the land of start with the girls probably to Liz and L'Oréal who answers this, but what's some advice for anyone out There want to learn more about our beautiful culture and I say this every week there are people watching that I'll be like, Oh man.

For them that are wanting to learn this beautiful culture, It's not just for Zealand Australians, but those that are living in Taiwan America anywhere. What's some good advice that we can give to them.

I'm probably reach out and this always classes for new ways of learning and and what else is here us and Biscuit I think if you want to learn more about the culture involve message or missie here and we'll be more than happy to happy to help.

And with a lot to learn with the speaking out of our culture that we learn a lot from one of the processor and more information it's good. Yeah ask a lot of questions and what did you say No Lori mom was a to worry about your background Kaalulangus Journey Money Board I grew up not. How Kaalulangus Journey Money Board understand someone causeless and yes, it doesn't matter what your background is you can always learn it on you and your confidence and how much you would love to learn it and you gotta put in the work if you really want it or not as perfect.

No yeah, like this, guy said. Workshops and yeah, and your parents will be the best at your best teachers. That's why we always go back to our mom cuz she teaches a lot and we're still learning even though even though we're teaching you know the Siva in our mom.

What does this mean? What does that mean right? Yeah and then and for a lot of our viewers?

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Our parents and then I was not our parents and our grandparents and you know try to make the most of that resource because a lot of we don't have these conversations with their parents. I was like we don't grow up having these conversations with our dads, but you know that. A traditional fathers, you know a lot of our mothers, traditional mothers, but for those who have a parents talk to them, ask him.

How do we do this? How do we do that? He of life we get so busy.

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We don't wanna be a mom, mom, mom said. But man just call a mom and just continue to do what you guys are doing man.

Watertight Sources: Unique Find from the Bottom of Tallinn Bay

It's awesome to any advice for anyone out there. So I mean you've got a life experience, but you've got years of life issues like you're turning 54 next year. I'm so proud of you. But anyway to answer your question, saying what the is pretty much it. I mean my my first go-to will be talk to your parents. You know, talk to you. It's and uncles family. You know, I talk to them about what you're wanting to do and what you want to get to because I guess That'll be your foundation in regards to exploring our guest to out of Seaver and and and I guess what you can do with it.

Tallinn zoo animals feast on tons of donated apples

So I'm gonna give you everything your fingertips now. And I guess lastly, just believe in yourself you know if there's something that you really wanna do go for it. You know go for a hundred percent. They go hard and just all or nothing you know basically, yeah.

It's nice. So here's my his brother. Tallinn Zoo runs annual fruit and vegetable collection campaigns, but this was the first year apples arrived from all over Estonia. Another staple in the animals' autumn diet is pumpkins.

First pumpkins have already arrived at the zoo, but a large Pumpkin Party will not take place for another three weeks, on October In addition to fruit and veg, Tallinn zoo is also raising money for a new home for its polar bears.

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The growdfunding campaign was started by two visitors who were worried about the narrow living conditions of the polar bears and decided to start collecting money to help build a new home for them. New home for the polar bears Tallinn Zoo The zoo hopes that with a new arctic house they will be allowed to keep the polar bear cub Nora, who was born in the Tallinn in November