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Kuid sellistes toodetes pole täiendavaid lisandeid. Niidid eemaldatakse Tänapäeva maailmas on palju teavet, kuid mitte iga allikat ei saa usaldada.

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Remarkably comfortable, built-in shaping panty has a slimming effect on the tummy, hips and thighs, instantly flattens the figure. Support in back gives bottoms an extra boost.

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Cotton gusset for added comfort. Anti-stress sole massages feet throughout the day.

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Sanitized® hygiene function for all-day freshness. Compression is measured in mmHg and is indicated for each product. You will always find two figures eg.

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Such gradually decreasing compression Slimming labipaistmatu sukkpuksid smooth leg vein blood circulation, helps to pump blood from bottom to top. Below in this article you will find a table, which will help you to evaluate what compression level you need.

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This is particularly important for those who's jobs are related with long standing or sitting, especially with long flights or car trips. Read more here.

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Compression tights and shaping underwear differ from traditional tights and lingerie due to their unique compression features. This means that they will not only improve your image, wellbeing and level of comfort, but will also need to be taken care of differently.

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In order to keep using your product for as long as possible, we recommend following the guidelines below.