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No schedule is currently accepted as standard, nor are there any factors to predict response, other than HER2 status. We seek to evaluate whether Lauren type influences the efficacy of various chemotherapies and on patient overall survival OS. We have conducted a multicenter study in 31 hospitals.

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The eligibility criteria include diagnosis of stomach or gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma, HER2 negativity, and chemotherapy containing drugs. Cox proportional hazards regression adjusted for confounding factors, with tests of 'treatment-by-histology' interaction, was used to estimate treatment effect.

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Our registry contains tumours analysable for OS end points and evaluable for overall response rate ORR. A decrease in ORR was detected in the presence of a diffuse component: odds ratio 0.

Anthracycline- or docetaxel-containing schedules increased ORR only in the intestinal type.

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The diffuse type displayed increased mortality with hazard ratio HR of 1. Patients receiving chemotherapy with docetaxel exhibited increased OS limited to the intestinal type: HR 0.

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With respect to progression-free survival PFSa significant interaction was seen in the effect of docetaxel-containing schedules, with better PFS limited to the intestinal type subgroup, in the comparison against any other schedule: HR 0.

As a conclusion, in this registry, Lauren classification tumour subtypes predicted survival and responded differently to chemotherapy.

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Future clinical trials should stratify effect estimations based on histology.