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Deep in the region there is a place that not a lot of people visit. Robustset ja paksu ladet oli niisama võimatu maha kraapida.

Käsirežiimis on saadaval 6 erinevat intensiivsustaset. Seal on lisavöö erinevat tüüpi kasutajatele. Peamiselt neljas seerias: termiline massaaživoodi, termiline tervisemadrats, teraapiaseade ja massager.

Ekspordime igal aastal rohkem kui 2 miljonit USA dollarit. Uute toodete ja kvaliteedi kontrollimise meeskonna kujundamiseks ja väljatöötamiseks on meil oma teadus- ja arendustegevus ning kõik tooted kontrollitakse enne saatmist tõsiselt ja pakitakse hästi. Tänan teid kõigi toetuste eest ja teie usaldus on meie suurim motivaator. A: Üldiselt on päeva, kui kaup on laos või on päeva, kui kaup ei ole laos, siis on vastavalt koguse.

However, the longer I have travelled South America the more used to I have become to these encounters and to be honest couple of times I have found them more than helpful. I walked past the collectivo station several times. It was a small door with couple of plastic chairs fronting the street. With no signs, the only reason I found it was that someone yelled out Uribia one or two times.

Since the collectivos leave only when the car is full, and I was just the second person to show up, I had to grab one of those plastic chairs and wait for two more people. I stat there for an hour and then as the driver found the last customer we all sat in a battered blue Chevy and started an hour and half long drive to Uribia.

Our car was crossing into the desert zone with short, wind battered, stark trees and tall cacti growing close to the road. The blue and green Caribbean hue was suddenly gone and everything seemed yellow and orange, probably because most of the things were covered with fine sand dust.

The road to Uribia was in good condition and only reason we slowed down was a lonely goat trying to cross the road. When arriving to Uribia, I did not go to the city, instead was dropped off on the busy intersection just before the town. The place was full of traffic: motorcycles were speeding here and there, 4×4 and cargo cars were arriving from the desert, stacking up on the goods and returning; corner shops, markets, and street food vendors were crowding the whole crossroad yelling out all the products they had.

In this cacophony of reality all I had to do was cross the road, get some cold water to wash the dust out of my mouth, and nod to the driver whose white Therge Thermal Pro Fat Burner was my next ride to Cabo de la Vela. I did not expect the place to be hotter than Riohacha, but I was wrong. It might have been around 35 degrees and the air was extremely dry. As soon as we left Uribia behind the concrete road turned into a dusty ground road full of holes and small mounds that the driver slalomed past as gracefully as possible.

On the right side, running parallel to the road was a railroad.

Uusim disain pakub kenamat välimust ja hõlpsamat kasutamist. Kahe indi kujundus Kiipkaart ja kaardilugeja vidueli massaaživahendid on massaažiks paindlikumalt selja, vöö, tuhara, reie ja jala külge seatud.

It was there already from Cuatro Vias which we had to pass to get to Uribia and it ran far to the north. This railroad had only one train running on it, the freight wagons long beast transporting coal from the tenth largest coal mine in the world, Cerrejon.

As we turned away from the main road, we reached the hidden network of desert roads that sometimes disappeared, but which our driver knew intricately.

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Scattered in the desert were small huts and houses, improvised wooden frames for hammocks and other signs of human settlement. However, the groups of houses were rarely larger than four dwellings.

The main group of people who live in La Guajira and in the desert are Wayuus. This ethnic group was never conquered by Spanish although they were in constant conflict. The small four to five house settlements are called rancherias and they are named after the mothers last name.

Wayuus society is matrilineal and as I was told their main income is herding goats and selling beautifully coloured handicrafts on markets. The most notable are their traditional bags or mochilas, which you can find all over Colombia. As our car was passing the small rancherias I noticed some women had their faces painted black. As I found out later, it was a mix of goat fat, fungus, and dust or coal to protect their faces from the sun.

Although, you would expect desert to be close to uninhabited, but to my surprise it was actually quite busy. Several motorcycles passed us, couple cyclists were struggling on the sandy roads, and people were walking in the remote corners of La Guajira. As we were driving down the road Caribbean Sea on our left, blocked by small and dead trees and flat desert on our right, we came upon a sight that I could only describe as an avantgarde piece of art or installation if it was not so very real.

Both sides of the road, but mostly the small trees were covered with trash: plastic bags, bottles, packets, wrapping papers. Thousand different pieces of rubbish were tumbling on the desert floor and covering the trees, flapping in the wind like some sort of alien prayer flags.


The bleak scene spread as far as eye could see offering no assurance and drawing the thoughts of hopelessness. How are we supposed to battle pollution and make our planet a better place for everyone, if one of the remotest locations I have ever been to has more trash than I have seen outside of dump yard.

A weird Christmas-tree? Cabo de la Vela is a fishing village with one dusty street full of single storey buildings and small frames full of hammocks.

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The road that runs through the village is surrounded by small hostels, seafood restaurants, half empty shops, and souvenir stands selling all sorts of trinkets made from seashells and alike. I arrived at Cabo around five and I got a hammock on the second floor of a hostel.

This was one of the few or the only two storey house in the village and as I would later find out, it was not the best idea to sleep on the second floor. The winds in the desert were very strong and at night it got cold.

On the second floor the wind was stronger and I did not sleep for most of the night. The nature around Cabo was breath-taking. There were no clouds so the sunset on the background of kite-surfers made a beautiful scenery. Just grab an imported probably smuggled Venezuelan beer, sit down and enjoy the show.

A car was supposed to pick me up around 5, but it never came. So, as I was sitting on the curb with the hostel owner and waiting for the car that never showed, the owner just waved down a 4×4 that was half full. They had a quick chat and five minutes later I had my ride to Punta Gallinas.

We were driving deeper into the desert and as the sun was rising it felt like a journey to the edge of the world. The car was racing on the dry flatlands. With couple of Therge Thermal Pro Fat Burner to enjoy our surroundings, pink flamingos in a small pool of water, and the sunrise, the journey to Punta Gallinas was long, bumpy, hot, and dusty.

On the way to our destination we were stopped several times by makeshift toll stops. Children had drawn a ragged rope over the road and stopping cars to beg for treats. My friend Randy from El Rio gave me some pencils and I had some sweets on me, that I gave to smiling children. For the last stretch we had to leave our car behind and take a short boat ride across Bahia Hondita, a small part of the Caribbean Sea pressing into mainland.

Here my Spanish or lack of it did not serve me that well. After running around for half an hour and talking to different people, trying to figure out what is going on and is there any other place nearby, I finally got my information straight. There was at least one more hostel, but it was further away, at least minute drive. In addition, if I wanted to go to the northernmost point and to the sand dunes, the cars were leaving from here.

So, there was no other way than to book a chinchorro, a bigger hammock that you can fold the edges on top of yourself like a blanket.


As I was told, this desert is one of the few places in the world where they use this type of hammocks. After a simple breakfast I had couple of hours free time before we would go to the main attractions.

Bienvenidos a Punta Gallinas This gave me some time to explore the area. Hostel Alexandra consisted of main hall, where all the meals were served, private cabins and several roof-covered areas with all the hammocks and chinchorros. The water in bathrooms and showers was seawater.


In the beginning it felt strange to take a shower or brush your teeth with salty water, but after some time you got used to it. Showers were essential, because after returning from the tour to the Punta Gallinas lighthouse and sand dunes we were covered in sweat, sand, and fine dust.

It felt like I had second skin, a thicker and more robust layer that you could not just scrape off. It was mostly because of the wind, which felt like a blizzard or a storm here. The sand got everywhere. Even several weeks later I still found some orange sand in my camera, notebooks, or tripod. As we got to know each other more I found out that he was from England but had lived in Medellin for several years.

The surrounding area was fascinating. The edges of the bay we had to cross were full of mangrove forests, that hid a lot of fish. Every morning, as the sun was rising fishermen got into boats to catch some fresh seafood for Slimming liha takistab hostels and themselves. The desert was not as lifeless as I would have imagined.

Different plants were growing here, but they were knee high, shrivelled, battered, and bent by years of strong winds. There were several children playing football on a concrete floor and as we approached their interest in football faded and was replaced with their interest in us.

Some Therge Thermal Pro Fat Burner them kept playing but some of them tried to make out what we were speaking while making faces and running around us. I have no notion how they could play football at that time. The sun was in zenith and it was torrid. I could feel my skin drying out and getting tighter. The strong winds did nothing to cool us down and instead covered us with dust. Making our way back to the hostel area we saw that people were gathering to head out towards the lighthouse and sand dunes.

There were several white 4x4s, each could hold up to 10 people. We got assigned into groups and what sometimes felt like off road drive could start.

Our first destination was the lighthouse at Punta Gallinas. This was geographically the northernmost point of mainland South America.

I finally made it to this remote, extreme location and now that I was here it truly felt like being at the end of Therge Thermal Pro Fat Burner world. There was a high metal structure and next to it a crumbling and abandoned house covered in a map and some writings. The only sign that people had been to this place before were countless stone mounds next to the shoreline. After fifteen minutes we jumped back into our truck which took us to the next destination.

The journey was rough. There were no paved roads and the small path in front of us was just a way that previous cars had made. Before we reached the Dunes of Taroa, the massive sand dunes that came so close to the sea that it seemed like they were born from it, we stopped at Miradot viewpoint the end of Bahia Hondita.

Here you could witness how the desert was claiming back the land that the Caribbean Sea had taken for itself several hundred or thousand years before. When I stepped out of the car and looked towards the sea I had to squint my eyes. A mountain of sand, the carpet of yellow in front of me was so bright that it hurt my eyes. The wind turned the outlines of the mountain into a blur and as I started to make my way towards the top I felt a burning sensation in my feet.

It was not the heat, but the fine sand that was blowing and brushing against my skin like sandpaper. After some five minutes of scrambling up the hill, fighting against the wind, I made it to the top. The Caribbean Sea opened in front of me. You could have rolled down the dunes straight into the sea.

I did not, instead I ran as fast as I could, tossing my t-shirt and camera aside as the shoreline was getting closer.

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When I finally got out of the water and started looking for my things I thought I had lost them or the strong desert wind had blown them away. Instead it had just buried them, so finding them was easier.

As we did not have any more plans for the day me and Sam simply decided to go down to the local beach nearly half an hour away from the hostel.

We stayed there with couple people more, smoking and talking until the desert sun set down in the Caribbean Sea. After the sunset people started leaving one by one and at one point we understood we are the only people left on the beach and the night is pouring on. We started heading back, not to get lost in the dark desert. The first stars to come to life were Mars, Venus, and Jupiter.

Spanning from one end of the sky to another, it felt like a scene out of space movies or -documentaries. A surreal situation or as we were in Colombia — a magical event presented in an ordinary or real circumstance, our own piece of magical realism.

Hiina massaaž PRO salendav vöö rasva külmutav ilu masin rasva salendav vöö

Later that evening we set out to the desert one more time, to lie down on the desert floor illuminated by only starlight that stretched out to all sides. Stars were so clear, numerous, and colourful that if I would have seen it anywhere else I would have sworn that I was tripping on something strong. It was a difficult journey to get to this place, but only for this moment, it was worth the trouble. People rise with the sun and head out to herd their cattle, set their boats ready and go fishing, or just start with the household chores.

I woke up a little bit before the sunrise, mouth and hair full of sand. I grabbed my jacket, as the mornings were a bit warmer than the night, but still missing the suns warm embrace. It did not matter where I sat down to witness the desert sunrise since the landscape was all flat.

However, I still had a particular place in mind. Just next to the main building you could see the mangrove forests, Bahia Hondita, and the desert plateau. All of this was unfurled by suns golden light. An orange circle rose from the horizon, leaving the cloud of dust underneath and banishing the shadows behind us. Our Therge Thermal Pro Fat Burner left the hostel around 8. After disembarking, we were supposed to be picked up by the same drivers who brought us there. As everyone else got to their cars, me and Sam were left behind.

Our drivers never showed up and the excuse was that they just did not feel like coming today, despite that I specifically asked my driver a day before whether he is coming back to get me. He assured me that he will be here.

Welcome to Colombia. After waiting for an hour Hea kaalulanguse valjakutse nimed driver told us that he is going to make us a favour and take us to Uribia.

We got to his 4×4, but out adventure was not quite over. It came out that it was his first time driving this type of car. He got lost, stuck and he nearly broke the engine.

Hinnavaatlus - Firma: K-rauta / Juuksehooldus

So, a journey that had to last around one and half an hour ended up being nearly four. From Uribia we caught a collectivo to Riohacha. I was looking forward to the last leg of the trip, reading a book on the bus and just resting.

As I stepped in the bus and the door opened in front of me, I saw that it was so full that some people were already standing. Before I could jump off the bus headed out. Instead of Therge Thermal Pro Fat Burner comfortable ride back I had to stand for couple of hours in a stuffed bus that smelled sweat, while being completely exhausted and frankly pissed off.

I guess simple pleasures like good shower and clean clothes puts me in Slimming 2 tukk better mood. One of the most profound memories that I had was with how little people make due. Punta Gallinas will not only offer you some incredible vistas but will also make you think about the resilience and willpower of humans. Tuul ulub vihaselt läbi öö ja tõstab kõrbeliiva üles; liiv kraabib mu nahka ja sunnib kapuutsi üle kõrvade tõmbama.

Leban kõrbepõrandal ja vahin ülesse, olles täiesti lummatud kosmose põhjatust sügavusest ja loendamatutest värviliselt helkivatest tuledest taevalaotuses. Seal pikutades meenutasin oma teekonda Punta Gallinaseni, kui keeruline see oli, aga ka milliseid aardeid see peitis.

Kuna ma polnud varem kõrbesse sattunud, ei osanud ma ka täpselt ette kujutada, mis ees ootamas. Neli päeva kestnud seikluse lõpuks oli La Guajira kõrb üks maagilisemaid paiku, mida olen külastanud — koht, mis peidab üüratut ilu, aga on ühtlasi ka tühi ja rõhuv.

La Guajira maakonna üks 33st Kolumbia maakonnast põhjapoolseimas osas laiub sama nimeline kõrb, mida ääristab Kariibi meri. Sügaval La Guajiras, eemal sisse kõnnitud radadest, asub vähekülastatud koht — Punta Gallinas, Kolumbia ja Lõuna-Ameerika kõige põhjapoolsem mandripunkt. Sinna jõudmine nõuab omajagu pingutust, aga seiklusjanulistele pakub see Kolumbia kõige dramaatilisemaid maastikke. Troncal de Carribe Kariibi tüvi — Kariibi piirkonna tähtsaim maantee, mis algab Turbost Antiookias ja lookleb mööda Kariibi mere kallast kuni Paraguachonini La Guajiras.

Tee kogupikkus on km ääres seistes ja oma bussi oodates üritasin samaaegselt meelde tuletada kohanimesid, Therge Thermal Pro Fat Burner pidid olema teeviitadeks Punta Gallinasesse. Rännak tõotas tulla keeruline. Buritaca, väike ja tuttav kaluriküla oli kui lävi, üle mille pidin bussiga La Guajira maakonna keskusesse Riohachasse sõitma. Järgnevalt tuli leida collectivo takso, mida jagavad mitu inimest Cuatro Viasesse või Uribiasse. Cuatro Vias on kõrbe kahe suurima tee kohtumispunkt, mis on aja jooksul kujunenud omamoodi transpordi- ja kaubasõlmeks.

Fatkiller XXL on aga üks La Guajira suurimaid linnu. Mõlemast punktist sai istuda džiibile, mis viiks mind väikesesse ühetänavalisesse kalurikülla Cabo de la Vela. Hinge tõmbamiseks ja kõrbe nautimiseks plaanisin jääda sinna üheks ööks ja sõita järgmise päeva varahommikul edasi Punta Gallinasesse. Kui mulle seda teekonda esimest korda kirjeldati, tundus see kilomeetri jaoks kuidagi liiga keeruline. See-eest tuli mõista, et suurem osa rännakust toimus kõrbes, eemal argielu mugavustest ning tsivilisatsiooni arendavast rüppest.

Kirev puna-sini-valge mustriga buss, mille aknale oli suurelt trükitud Riohacha, tõi mind mõtisklusest välja. Kolumbias võid bussi pidama saada lihtsalt käega lehvitades. Kahetunnine sõit Riohachasse kulges vaikselt. Omamoodi oli huvitav jälgida kuidas mitmekesine Sierra Nevada džungel must maha jäi ning järk-järgult troopilise kuivmetsaga asendus. Riohachas oli palav, siinses rusuvas kuumuses higistasin ma tumeda t-särgi minutitega täis.

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Bussijaamast väljudes otsisin üles esimese sigaretimüüja uurimaks, kus asub collectivode punkt. Keskealine, puhtalt riietatud mees suunas mind paar kvartalit edasi, kus pidavat olema mitu transpordifirmat ja andis mulle veel paar sigaretti tee peale kaasa.

Kõrbes pidavad suitsud olema kallid. Eestlasena olen ma umbusklik inimestesse, kes tulevad mulle tänaval ligi midagi müüma ja pakkuma. Lõuna-Ameerikas pikemat aega reisides on mu suhtumine muutunud ja olen selliste kohtumistega harjunud.

Ishiura, Yoshihito; Kotani, Norihiro; Yamashita, Ryusuke; Yamamoto, Harumi; Kozutsumi, Yasunori; Honke, Koichi The anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody Ab rituximab is accepted to be an effective therapeutic Ab for malignant B-cell lymphoma; however, discovery of other cell surface antigens is required for the option of antibody medicine. Considering that many tumor-associated antigens are glycans, we have searched glycoconjugates for the candidate antigens that therapeutic Abs target. To this end, we first focused on the difference in the glycogenes expression in terms of Epstein-Barr virus EBV infection of a Burkitt's lymphoma cell line, Akata. Treatment of these cells with an anti-Thy1 monoclonal antibody inhibited proliferation more strongly than the therapeutic Ab rituximab.

Paaril korral on säärased inimesed olnud ka väga abivalmid. Collectivo firma oli hästi peidetud ja kui keegi poleks välja hõiganud Uribia, ei olekski ma seda suure tõenäosusega leidnud. Väikeses pooltühjas avatud uksega kontoris tuli teha selgeks, kuhu sõidad. Maksta tuli sõidu lõpus. Kuna collectivod lahkuvad vaid siis, kui auto on täis ja mina olin alles teine soovija, siis pidin hõivama ühe majaesise plastiktooli ning järgmiseid sõitjaid ootama jääma.

When I arrived at El Rio hostel which is in the selvas on the foothills of Sierra Nevada mountains in North Colombia, I found out that less than kilometres away is a completely different world. In the furthermost part of La Guajira department one of the 33 departments that make up Colombia there is an arid desert which meets Caribbean Sea. Deep in the region there is a place that not a lot of people visit. Punta Gallinas, the northernmost point of the mainland South America is difficult to get to and off the beaten path.

Umbes tund aega hiljem, kui viimane soovija oli kohale jõudnud, istusime vanasse ja räsitud sinisesse Chevysse ning pooleteist tunnine sõit Uribiasse või alata. Rännates sügavamale La Guajira maakonda võis aknast välja vaadates uuesti tunnistada maastiku muutumist.